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Sitting exams can be daunting. Here at MB we aim to make it a user friendly experience. Get it right; tick all the right boxes by sitting your test with us.

About Our Online Testing

Approved Online Testing Centre
      for City & Guilds
Recognised Gola Online
      Assessment Centre
3rd Year Of Operation

What Is Online Testing?

Online testing is the modern way of taking exams. Instead of sitting a written (pen-and-paper)  test you take your exam on a networked computer.

These e-exams or e-tests as they are called are taken at recognised testing centres like the one here at MB and have been designed to be a much more user friendly and reliable way of sitting your tests than the old traditional pen and paper exams.

Sample Online Test

The style of e-exams can vary. However, the most common style is the multiple-choice format where you select the answer to each question from a list of possible answers by ticking a box next to the answer you think is correct.

Click on the link below to see an interactive sample of a typical multiple-choice test.